Do children need laughter?

The increasing pressure placed upon our children and young people in modern day society are taking its toll with focus on social perfectionism,  academic achievement and other external pressures,an increasing number of children and young people are experiencing and suffering from stress and other mental and emotional issues throughout their school life.

There is no better time to equip your students with skills that will help them in their day today activities.

There is an ever increasing body of evidence base research supporting that laughter yoga can help with academic performance.

Social play as we know is imperative to the development of children’s social skills and emotional intelligence.

Laughter promotes childlike playful behaviour giving a child permission to be themselves.

Laughter improves blood circulation and oxygen levels within the blood, it aids stale air being released from the lungs. As the oxygenated blood flows around our bodies it flows easily around the brain achieving greater levels of concentration increasing learning abilities and enhances academic learning.


How will laughter yoga benefit your students ?






































Expected Impacts .........


😃 Happier students who are motivated, who want to come to school so attendance improves.

😃 Happier children = less anxiety

😃 Its great for your brain it needs 25% more oxygen than any other body organ

😃 Children remain focused, are more productive and creative

😃 Children develop an increased  level of resilience and   perseverance enabling them to become more confident

😃 Increased levels of autonomy

😃 Children feel more equipped to face and take on challenges which has a positive knock on effect with self esteem and confidence

😃 Better concentration levels and the ability to focus

😃 Improved behaviour

😃 Enhances empathy

😃 Socially connects us with one another

😃 Improved social skills  

😃 Raised endorphin levels and other feel good hormones

😃 Strengthens immunity system, improved health, less absenteeism

😃 Maintain healthy lifestyles and attitudes




As you can see LOL laughterworks workshops offer a unique, engaging creative and different approach to connecting with your students.

A creative and different way for modern proactive schools to improve their standards by putting the wellbeing of their students at the centre of their practice.

Maybe it's something your school could try?

We are keen and passionate about promoting the benefits of laughter, including  stress reduction and resilience that laughter can provide.

As experienced and qualified counsellors and clinical hypnotherapist we are very aware of the benefits of positive mental and emotional health and believe early intervention is the key to raising a strong and confident child. Teaching stress management and resilience skills.  

We offer workshops for the following:-