LOL Laughterworks deliver an excellent keynote session that will  enhance your conference or leadership day.  LOL Laughterworks are different, which gives the conference that extra feel good factor that's hard to achieve. The LOL Team  re-motivate, re-energise and get people focused back on the days purpose.  Attendees will leave with a tool, that they can use in or out of work.

The LOL Team will inject their infectious energy into your event, we dare you to resist.

LOL Laughterworks sessions reinforce  your company values,  create enthusiasm for target messages or a subject of your choice.

The LOL Laughterworks team are psychotherapists, clinical hypnotherapists as well as laughter therapist's.


Using their  knowledge from all modalities the LOL Laughterworks team will inspire  attendees to participate in an experience that will show them how to access their bodies natural feel good chemicals and how to use them to motivate individually directed change to increase resilience, creativity, motivation and direction.

The LOL Team are accessible to all, if you can laugh you can do it. 

The LOL Laughterworks  team are fun and engaging, we love, what we do and we do what we love. We are regulars on BBC radio Nottingham and  have enjoyed numerous  press coverage, including TV, radio and social media projects. 

LOL Laughterworks team facilitate the workshop in different formats.  We can conduct the induction in break out sessions  or deliver  to all. 

Our session can  include your company values or reinforce target messages that you identify.

LOL Laughterworks