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   A company that laughs together stays together


LOL's unique bespoke approach to engaging with your work family has a myriad of benefits.  We offer a employee engagement and well being package incorporating aspects of laughter, in order to maintain  positive mental health, enhance employee development, embed company values and increase productivity.  

We are qualified Clinical hypnotherapists and Counsellors enabling us to draw from many different modalities to cater to your business needs.

Innovative and forward thinking companies now seek the best methods to reduce absenteeism and enhance performance. The way to maintain an engaged work family is to create an atmosphere of open dialogue and individual directed change.

We offer a range of enhancing workshops that will have a positive effect on  your teams work and personal well being.

Huddle/Motivational Sessions

The LOL Team Offer a motivational session based on a theme or identified need. The sessions will be fast paced fun and energetic. These can be done in 20 minute slots across teams. The sessions can be done back to back with a 15 minutes break inbetween.

Leave your teams feeling engaged,rewarded and valued. The attendees will love you for bringing the LOL Team to meet them.

Active Listening/The Key To Customer Service

Communication is far more than spoken words. In this modern day, customers expect more from their interaction and much more than generic answers. Attendees will be introduced to a skill set that will not only enhance their relationships but their work family too.

Only 7% is speech,truly conveying a sentiment involves tone of voice and much more.

Dealing With Difficult Conversations

Stop escalations and misunderstandings. Effective communication is the key to developing teams that reflect commitment, resillience and the mindset to navigate change

Create a brilliant atmosphere, so that all parties have their say and have a nice day. 



Recognising symptoms of workplace pressure

Empower leadership teams in recognising workplace pressure and gain an understanding of the signs to effectively support their teams.

Mental health affects 1 in 4 people at any one time 

The overall cost of depression in England in 2000 was estimated to be £9 million (Thomas and Morris 2003)

A large study found that depression has a greater negative impact on time management and productivity than any other health problem (Buttons el, 2004)

On average each mental health related sickness absence last 21 days.(surgeon et all;2007)

Mental health statistics rise year in year out, the World Health Organisation state by 2020 Depression will be the 2nd leading cause of Illness.

Sainsbury centre of Mental health 2007

40% of all days Sickness absence is due to poor mental health.

Estimated annual costs to UK in respect to metal ill health (Sainsbury Centre for mental health 2007)  

Absenteeism  cost per average employee £335.00 per day.

Total cost to UK Employer’s  £8.4 Billion

Candidate Assessment 

LOL  Laughterworks is effective when recruiting a new workforce as an candidate assessment tool. The authentic personality will be revealed whilst interview candidates interact within a laughter session.

Candidates will experience a positive introduction to a  potential employer and recognise a company that is committed to employee retention 

Incorporating a laughter session as part of your candidate assessment,  will  either confirm or contradict the information completed on an application form. LOL Laughhterworks  have found that people may state many things upon their application form for example ‘I’m an outgoing person', 'I work well as part of team etc'.

Within a session you will see  who is outgoing, who is confident,who is a team player, who is a leader, who is quiet who sits back and let’s others lead.

Make your recruitment process cost effective by ensuring that  your candidates are suited for the position available. The whole recruitment process can cost anything between £1000 to £8000 make your investment count,
















































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Happy Team
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